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How is The Booth Co. Photo-booth different than others?

  • First, the look of the 'booth' is gorgeous! It is made to be a part of the party, not tucked away. It's sleek and modern.

  • Second, the minimalistic prop style. Guests don't need the tired old large glasses and boas to have fun! Trust us, we've seen first hand guests are quite capable of letting loose without a hotdog hat. Our props are made to compliment to your event without compromising fun! Or, go prop-less for a super clean look. Having a themed party? We'll definitely want to bring props that go along!

  • Along with our awesome client care and super easy booking process, the prints and image quality are easily best in the 'burgh. Our photos are bright, sharp, and studio grade quality.

What backdrop options to you have?

  • Ton and still growing! When you send us an inquiry for your date, we'll provide you with information regarding our pricing, package, and current available backdrops. Just like props, backdrops change every now and then due to normal wear and tear. We also love to use any awesome looking wall at a venue for variety and unique results. Please let us know if your venue has something like that you'd like us to use. If you are looking for a custom backdrop, we can work with you florist or you can make your own. If you want something we don't carry, let us know so we can work together on something that fits your style.

How much space does the booth need?

  • A space of 8-10 ft high x 8-10 ft deep x 8-10 ft wide is preferred, but we can accommodate smaller spaces as needed.

  • We also need to be within 20 feet of a 3 prong electrical outlet.

What is the booking process like?

  • When you're ready to book, we'll send you a contract  to reserve your date.

  • We'll email a questionnaire to get the booth ready for the day. When we're about 2 months out from your event, we'll make a few mock-up print designs for you to pick from.

  • Photo booth are meant to be fun, so we like to keep the whole process easy. We'll send next steps reminders along the way.


How many people can fit in the booth?

  • Many times it is 2-4 people, but we've seen groups of up to 18.

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